Leave-in conditioners, emulsions, sprays and caring hair waxes are a real find because they simply save our time (and water). When you plunge into the chaos of the collection in the morning, even those 7-10 minutes that it takes to apply a regular conditioner, wait a couple of minutes, and then wash it off, seems like a real eternity. With an indelible product, everything is much easier: you wash your hair, blot your hair, apply indelible to the ends or the entire length - and you're done! But, despite all the conveniences of such products, there is one difficulty with them - the choice of exactly the indelible cosmetics that will suit your hair. And in this sense, natural cosmetics definitely have something to offer you. Let's try to figure it out? Find more here: best leave-in conditioner for black hair

The basic classification divides indelible agents into two large groups - those “indelibles” that replace the traditional conditioner, and those that complement its action, but do not take over its functions. In the latter case, you use your usual conditioner, and apply additionally the non-wash.

Leave-in conditioner is the one that makes washing your hair easier and faster. It can be in the form of an emulsion, cream, soft gel, even liquid lotion, and often it is a liquid spray that is sprayed onto the hair like a hydrolat or hairspray. For thicker leave-in conditioner, you simply rub in your hands and apply a little to damp hair.

The use of such an air conditioner has two advantages at once: firstly, the said saving of time, water and effort. Secondly, the fact that the beneficial substances applied to the hair are not immediately washed off with hard tap water, but are absorbed into the hair (or covered with a film) and act all the time until the next wash. So if the composition of the leave-in conditioner contains useful components, they have much more time and opportunity to influence.

Additional leave-in cosmetics that do not replace conditioners are much more varied :

Healing serums . Most often, there are indelible serums for strengthening and accelerating hair growth: they are rubbed primarily into the scalp, and are distributed only additionally over the length. But there are also serums designed for enhanced care of the hair itself and even the ends. All hair serums are distinguished by a very high concentration of active ingredients.

Funds for the tips . Oil concentrates, pure oils, oils with the addition of essential oils, waxes, creams, "sealing" gels - this is not a complete list of products that are involved in the struggle for well-groomed hair ends that do not suffer from clipping. End products are always just an addition to the base conditioner / balm, due to the locality of their application. Apply them in a very small amount to damp hair after washing.

Special sprays... There is a whole line of additional leave-in products that perform fairly specific functions. The most common options are: thermal spray (protects hair during hair styling with a hairdryer and styler), antistatic spray (prevents hair from "magnetizing" and the appearance of a cloud effect on the head), spray to facilitate combing (a real salvation for owners of thin long hair), spray for protection of color (helps to maintain the brightness of the color of the colored hair, prevents hair from fading).

Why are natural leave-in hair products better than synthetic ones? Non-natural "indelibles" most often contain silicones and have an effect due to the fact that they form a thin film on the hair. Sometimes they also include clearly aggressive components or something that dries out the hair with prolonged use. Natural leave-in products are a completely different matter: they contain components that simultaneously protect (smooth, relieve static, soften - emphasize what is needed), and care for the hair, heal it as a whole, and not only visually.

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